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Headaches/ Migraines

Specialists in Treating Headaches/ Migraines in Bellingham, WA

Nine out of ten Americans say that they suffer from headaches. Some of these people experience headaches frequently. Some experience constant headaches that are very painful. These can even make a person nauseous. Ninety-five percent of headaches are tension, migraine, or cluster headaches. These types of headaches are not caused from a disease, but from something in your body that is not sitting correctly.

What Are Migraines?

Despite the fact that migraines are headaches, not all headaches are. In contrast to tension headaches, migraine headaches cause different types of pain. Migraines can be more powerful, continue for days, and exhibit warning symptoms days in advance.

What Causes Headaches/ Migraines?

Stress, shifts in sleep patterns, alterations in the weather, processed foods, shifts in hormone levels, alcohol, and caffeine are just a few of the factors that can cause migraines. Additionally, any excessive use of painkillers frequently contributes to an increase in migraines.

Salish Integrated Medical is committed to your care. Our clinic offers revolutionized alternative healing methods for a variety of conditions, including headaches and migraines. Our treatments include Regen Injections and Enriched Plasma Therapy.

If you’re living with headaches/migraines, contact Salish Integrated Medical to schedule an appointment.

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